You plan on selling iPhone 5 so that you can upgrade to the newest iPhone model. Perhaps, you just want to change to a new model just because you have been having an iPhone 5 for too long. Regardless of the reason, there are five major things that you need to do before you put your iPhone 5 up for sale in the market.

  1. Backup your data

To save important and valuable data or information, backup the data of your iPhone. You can backup data locally or to iCloud. This will enable you to access the data with ease when you buy a new iPhone. It is possible to backup both settings and data. This way, you will be able to move all settings and data to a new iPhone by restoring from iCloud. Apart from backing up data on iCloud, you can transfer your important data or files to a computer. You can do this if you have less useful data. If you have private data, you can also transfer it to the computer.

  1. Erase settings and content on the iPhone

Once you have backed up what you consider important, start wiping out the data in the iPhone. This is important because it ensures that your personal data is not stolen or accessed by the buyer of the iPhone. Erase all data on the iPhone by simply tapping on the Setting, General then Reset and Erase all Setting and Content. Note that to erase the content of the iPhone while selling iPhone 5, you might have to enter Apple ID password or passcode. It is important that you connect the iPhone to the charger because the process might take longer.

  1. Remove the SIM Card

There are SIM cards that store information in them. Therefore, remove the SIM card before you sell your iPhone 5 if you use such a SIM card. Transfer all contacts and network data on the SIM Card to the new device. Removing the SIM card from a device is very simple. Once you insert the SIM card into your new iPhone, you will have access to all data that was in your old iPhone.

  1. Deactivate the iPhone by contacting the carrier

There are carriers that require users to call them to have their iPhones deactivated. This means that you have to reach the carrier and inform them that you intend to remove the iPhone from the account that is associated with you. This means that you need the contact numbers of the carriers.

  1. Clean the iPhone and organize the accessories

Before you sell the iPhone, it is important that you collect or prepare the accessories that are available for the iPhone. This includes the charger and cable. This way, you will impress the customer or buyer by providing the accessories that they will want to use the phone conveniently. Additionally, cleaning the iPhone will give it a better look and this will go a long way in making selling iPhone 5 easier and fetching a better price.

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