Should I sell my iphone 4 for the flagship iPhone 6 or iPhone 6? This is a question that you might be asking if you were unable to upgrade to iPhone 5.  Upgrading to iPhone 6 is a wise decision. However, there are things that you need to do as you sell your old iPhone 4.

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Know the worth of your iPhone 4

Regardless of what your price expectations are, the condition of your iPhone 4 will greatly influence its price. The overall condition of your iPhone will determine its presentation. Other factors that will determine the worth of your iPhone include its original packaging and the included accessories. It is important that you put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer. What would you like the iPhone 4 to have? For instance, despite being used, you would most probably want the phone to be in an impeccable condition, with original packaging and without scratches. You would also want it to come with headphones, charger and lighting cable. Therefore, make sure that the iPhone 4 that you are selling meets such requirements.

Photograph your iPhone correctly

A popular saying is that a photo tells what a thousand words can. This is especially true when it comes to selling an old iPhone. It is important that you take the best photos for the phone possible. Make sure that the photos that you take depict the actual phone including scratches and scuffs. Nobody will bid for a device that has a single photo. Therefore, take photos that depict all angles of your phone.

Describe the phone properly

Make sure that the photos that you provide are accompanied with the right description. Rather than get worried and keep asking “how do I sell my iPhone 4,” draft a description that uses the best sales pitch possible. This will enable you to attract more prospective buyers to your device. This will ensure that your iPhone 4 stands out among the others on sale.

Sell your device at the right place

There are many places where you can sell your iPhone. However, some marketplaces are better than others. For instance, there is a place where you can sell your iPhone for free while other places will charge you a fee or a percentage of the price for which you sell the iPhone. Therefore, take time to find out more about different marketplaces. Find out which place is the best for you to sell your iPhone 4 conveniently, safely and at the best price possible.

Get maximum return

Some marketplaces involve a lot of hassling when selling iPhones. Others have a simple way of selling iPhone and it will not take you long before you get the right person to sell your iPhone 4 to. It is important that you look for a marketplace that lets you sell your iPhone at the best price without hassling too much. Nevertheless, the most important thing to do when you find yourself asking “how do I sell my iPhone 4,” is to conduct some research first.

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